The DrummingMad Virtual Drumming School!

Come to us to get your drumming lessons. 1on1 Online Lessons are available from Dean J Hall at the DrummingMad V-Drumming School.


Dean Hall – Pipe Band Drumming Educator

Since 2005, drummers from all over the Drum Planet have been coming to DrummingMad for their online drumming tuition. Solo players wanting to improve their abilities, band players who want to lift their standard to improve their team and pure enthusiasts have all profited from lessons they’ve received with us.


You can read below some of the commendations we have received about our teachers and our program.

Each lesson includes personal one-on-one time with the teacher of your choice. At the end of the lesson you will receive your lesson report tailored to you and your current playing level to work on during your weekly practice regime.

Before the lessons commence, we will discuss with you your aims and motivations to tailor a course that suits your personal needs. Once your level has been established, course material is sent to you for the first sessions. That way, you can have a look over what we intend to cover.

In addition to the set course material, we will provide you with extra curriculum to assist you during the course.

Whether you are a solo player interested in developing your skill or a band player wanting to improve your personal level, you can do it with us.

The trouble is that it can sometimes be difficult to find a teacher living close enough to take regular lessons from. We also offer supplimantary lessons whereby we work on your material when you can’t get to practice or your regular teacher. We can even work in tandem with your teacher and teach you under their guidance. Are you frequently on the road, stuck in hotel rooms, wishing you could be getting lessons, well you can with us. With specially modified drum pads, we have the solution for you.

Whether you live in Antwerp or Aberdeen, Toronto or Timbuktu, if you have broadband internet and a webcam, you can take lessons with us at the DrummingMad V-Drumming School.

For your first free lesson, please contact Dean.

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