About Us

DrummingMad was created in the year 2000 when many drummers were looking for drum scores but couldn’t find them. They wanted the scores to be “pre-selected” for them so a series of web pages of scores were developed and published. This has been a huge success. Drummers from every corner of planet ‘drum’ have had the opportunity to learn more and improve on their repertoire.

Since those early days, additions of news, workshops, audios, videos, pictures and online lessons have entered the website you see today. Continually developing and evolving, DrummingMad is committed to bringing the very best of free online support for Pipe Band Drummers across the world.

Additionally, we have allowed ourselves a little extra eye candy and comfort to expand the look and feel of the website. The aim was to keep it simple, fun, and highly informative and I think we have succeeded. I hope you agree.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the following people for inspiring me in my drumming life and for helping me directly on this project : Bert Anhalt, Bobby Rea, Stephen Creighton, Paul Grace, Conor McNally, Dave Byrne, John Dunne, Paul Turner, Reid Maxwell, John Keogh, Andrew Scullion, Brett Staley, Philip Howell, Harold Ripper, Ian Bouch, Alex McCormick, Rob Bennett, Ian Morison, Chris Sinclair, Andy Ogilvy, Dougal McConnell, Bill Russell, Bruce Neal, Sean Mannering, Carel Ooms, Monika Hämmelmann, Buzz Brown, Gary Killen, Murray Blair, Donald Blair, Mark Saul, John Edgar, Eileen Morgan, Tyler Fry, Jim Butler, Graham Waller, Dave Budge, Doerte Goetzke, Robert Hall(Dad) and Rona Ryall(Nan).  Thank you for your inspiration.

From the DrummingMad team, we wish you the best in your personal journey of drumming discovery, a pleasant visit and hope to see you very often.

Yours in Drumming up a storm,


Dean J Hall

DrummingMad Developer